Since he was little boy growing up on the streets of Antwerp, Belgium, the
diamond capital of the world, Effie Fried dreamed of diamonds and jewelry.
His Papa was a jeweler, as was his Bompa before him, and Effie’s wish was to
watch diamonds sparkle and make people happy.

When little Effie grew up, he joined his family’s business as a third
generation jeweler. He soon realized that the top quality jewelry his family
made were unaffordable to most people who frequented the shops they
were sold in. By the time the jewelry passed through all the hands from
maker to buyer, it tripled in price. Now Effie had a new dream. To cut
out the middleman so every woman can feel beautiful.

Flawless Jewels New York is the culmination of that dream. Every diamond
we sell is handpicked for its beauty and luster. Every piece of jewelry you
purchase is handcrafted with love. Whether you buy a ready piece directly
off the site or you contact us to customize a piece to your specifications,
you know that our jewelers put their love into each piece.

Check out our selection and experience the quality of fine jewelry for